"The 'family tree,' and its features, is what unites us all, as a global society, with diverse cultural traditions and family-bonding expressions." -Sherlene D. Stevens

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Presidential Candidate of the Republican Party

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4/1/13: This is to announce that I am seeking community support to run for the Republican nomination as U.S. President during the upcoming election. I want to be your next president, and I look forward to your kindness and consideration. -Sherlene D. Stevens


Revised April 5, 2014 to provide citizens the overall, Stevens's administration, highlighted 2017 agenda promises (to-do's), if elected.


Elect me so that I may

  • Increase Quality of Jobs and Education Organizations: Increase "quality" of national jobs and education organizations;
  • Strengthen Entrepreneurship: Encourage and strengthen national entrepreneurship models;
  • Modernize Federal, State, and Local Agency Goals: Create new goals based on modern economic and population needs;
  • Increase National Recycling Programs: Encourage increased participation;
  • Reinforce an Easier Formula for Taxpayer Usage: Insist that Congress create an even distribution of tax paid by all the people, citizens of the United States,and its corporations, and easier formula reading for citizens;
  • Decrease School-Based Health Care Organizations: Deduction of the number of health care offices located in our public school institutions;
  • Reissue or ReauthorizeTextbooks to Our Public and Charter Schools: Same Textbooks Incentive Program: Encourage (Pre K - Grade 4/5) per state or local districts (counties);
  • Pursue Universal Public School Plan (if needed, based on performance measurements): Create a universal education plan for Kindergarten through Grade 2 that will be accepted by our Congress and citizens/members of these United States of America;
  • Give Immigration Amnesty: To aliens who have resided in our country for five years or more, to the disabled, and children; and,
  • Encourage American Global Trading Representation: Encourage participation by our most productive citizens: From-Here-To-There global trading strategies.

My focus is to re-energize and support American families by modernizing our national policies and programs, and to offer leadership guidance as we continue to appreciate our social democracies: It's about you, your unique family, and my promise to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.


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